About Us

Our Technology

Fenics Invitations is a new Execution Service, which is intended to provide an all-day trading protocol that combines the “Call and Response” and anytime aspect of an RFQ, with the midmarket pricing and pre-trade anonymity of a session-based auction. Using proprietary Smart Order Routing technology, Fenics Invitations connects Buyside counterparties with relevant, interested Sellside, reducing market noise and promoting better execution.

Refreshing Every Five Minutes

Fenics Invitations offers users the chance to trade at an independent, machine generated mid-level that is intended to refresh every five minutes*.

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Smart Order Routing

Using our internal footprint, Fenics Invitations routes Buyside orders to Sellside who have expressed interest in a bond reducing market noise

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Pre-Trade Anonymity

Know more about our technology and how pre-trade anonymity is implemented.

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Entity Disclosure Post-Trade

Fenics Invitations facilitates positive relationships between Buyside and the Dealer community with entity disclosure post trade.

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180 Second RFA

Short targeted 180 second RFA. No need to wait around for a print – trade or trade away

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One Central Counterparty

Matched principal trading, with all users facing either BGC Financial, LP via the Fenics Credit ATS in the US or BGC Brokers LP in the UK

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Buyside & Sellside System Access

EMS Connectivity (Buyside)

Leverage pre-existing integration that fits directly into your existing workflow

Delivered Via GBX (Sellside)

Fenics Invitations is deployed through a trader’s existing GBX Screens. Same logins, same technology.

Becoming a Fenics Invitations Client

Know more about our team, technology and what makes our software a differentiating factor in promoting better execution.

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